Windows 8 on the big screen!

Windows 8 on the big screen! (Photo credit: bobfamiliar)

Computer Speed Issues – Upgrading to Windows 8

Are you having speed issues with your computer? I have tried everything imaginable to speed up one of my computers. I have tried defragging and file cleanup. I used one of the most thorough and up to date files cleanup programs. I shut down programs that I did not need to start on boot up. Nothing worked on that computer.

Unfortunately I had upgraded the operating system to Windows Vista. This is a problem. Anybody that paid for that upgrade should get their money back. This was a total train wreck for Microsoft. You may have noticed that another upgrade was quickly on the heels of that piece of crap.

I have been pondering an upgrade to my operating system but on research, I really didn’t see anything real convincing to help me decide. I went to Staples and talked to a rep there but he just didn’t know his stuff.

I decided to make the leap to Windows 8. The price was crazy reasonable considering we are talking Microsoft here. $118) I knew Windows 8 changed considerably from Windows 7 and had a graphic oriented interface. I was worried about ease of use and computer resource load.

As it turns out, you can opt for the traditional looking desktop or use the graphics interface. Navigating will come pretty quickly after a couple hours of exploring the options.

It has a very nice array of useful apps included with the system. I won’t even try to tell you here about all the practical apps included.

My SPEED PROBLEMS ARE GONE. As my wife stated, this is like buying a new computer. I must say that I am extremely happy that I made the move. Windows 8 also uses the new Internet Explorer 10 and it does not appear to have any significant issues and operates smoothly.

If your current operating system is Windows Vista, you need to change now. If you are using anything else other than maybe Windows 7, I personally think upgrading to Windows 8 will be a pleasant surprise.


P.S. There are a number of reports by the so called “experts” that say Windows 8 will be a flop and that it is no better than Vista. I don’t buy that expert analysis. It was the answer to my problems.



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