David Suzuki Mangles Truth About Hunting

David Suzuki seems to believe he has the right to call himself an “elder” and savior of our current world.

If he is referring to the true elders of our nation that rely on hundreds of years of learning how to hunt to balance resources and to allow all life forms to survive, he has not earned that honour.

He is a fanatic anti-hunter. No true “elder of society” would ever support a position of anti-hunting.

Suzuki appears to base his rhetoric on personal bias, not science.

Typical of his hypocrisy, a man who spends his time preaching that humans are desecrating the environment due to our sheer numbers nevertheless indulged himself five times in this regard, having 5 naturally conceived and born children.

According to author Vivian Krause, she had a very unpleasant personal experience when trying to speak with Suzuki.

She states that for years, David Suzuki and his foundation have refused to answer any questions about their foreign funding. he states that they have gotten away with it because no one has been willing to call them on the carpet. She also states that when he has been confronted with clear evidence that he has falsely reported some of his foundation’s research findings about both PCBs in farmed salmon, and sea lice, so far David Suzuki has refused to admit it.

It appears that instead of publicly clarifying the whole truth about its research findings with regards to PCBs in farmed salmon, and sea lice, the David Suzuki Foundation seems to have simply and quietly arranged the removal of at least 23 press releases and web-pages against farmed salmon.

She also believes that David Suzuki, Canada’s leading environmentalist, is refusing to tell the whole truth about his foundation’s own research findings and funding sources with regards to a major environmental controversy. It appears that this has been manufactured in order to serve the purposes of foreign funders. This tells us something about David Suzuki and his foundation.

The deeper question that we need to be asking is what can we change about ourselves and our society so that we don’t get fooled again.”

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